Hi, I'm the happy person that now belongs to a 4 yr old golden

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Hi, I'm the happy person that now belongs to a 4 yr old golden Empty Hi, I'm the happy person that now belongs to a 4 yr old golden

Post  LindaB on Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:52 pm

I know that supposedly Tek now belongs to me, but since he so completely owns my heart the possesion is, at the very least, mutual. I also have a 12 year old brindle boxer called Lily. I lost both my husband of 13 years and a Lab-Dobie mix named Georgie about a year and a half ago and Lily and I have both needed a new dog in our home and heart.

I was fortunate to find Tek this past winter. He used to live next door to a friend but his people had a 4 year old and then a totally unexpected set of twins and he was really suffering from the lack of attention. When I got him he weighed 95 pounds and had been shaved the previous August. The poor thing looked awful but the worst thing was that he needed attention and excersise so bady that he was developing behavioral tics (like spinning incessantly).

Luckily for him (and me) his people loved him enough to realize that they were doing him a disservice by keeping him. They gave him to me (crying) in Feburary and he has adapted very well. He now weighs 84 pounds, is eating good quality food and is developing some muscle on shoulders and hips. He's lost his nervous behaviors and is also developing a lot more self-confidence and curiousity. He's very playful and good natured. Lily and he get along well. Neither is particularly possisive of their dish or toys and don't mind sharing. She has taken him on adventures in my woods chasing the local wildlife and they both come back happy and tired.

I was delighted to find this forum as a have a couple of questions and don't know any other Golden owners. So, now that I've introduced myself (and Tek) I'll move on and ask some questions in another post.


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